• Cressy's Picture Framing

    For ALL your framing needs.

    Framing your art, pictures, mirrors and
    anything else you would like framed.

    Also have tons of ready-to-buy Framed Art and Mirrors, as well as a selection of Picture Frames and Easels available for purchase.

  • Custom Framing
  • Custom Framing

  • At Cressy's Picture Framing, we can frame practically anything - artwork, memorabilia, collectibles, fabric, photos, posters, prints, and more!

    All picture framing can be done with reflective or non-reflective glass.

    We can also create custom framed mirrors. You give us the dimensions and we'll make your framed mirror accordingly.

    The attached video is for illustrative purposes only... to help you get an idea of some of the elements involved in custom framing.

    Contact us to discuss what would be right for your next framing project.

  • We Frame ARTWORK

    • 3D Artwork Framing
    • Custom Art Framing
    • Fine Art Framing
    • Folk Art Framing
    • Graphic Artwork Framing
    • Kid's Artwork Framing
    • Illustration Framing
    • Original Artwork Framing
    • Portrait Art Framing

    • Bottle Cap Collection Framing
    • Button Collection Framing
    • Card Collection Framing
    • Coin Collection Framing
    • Comic Book Framing
    • Currency / Money Framing
    • Stamp Collection Framing
    • Sea Shell Collection Framing
    • Trading Card Framing
  • We Frame DOCUMENTS

    • Birth Certificate Framing
    • Book Cover Framing
    • Certificate Framing
    • Diploma / Degree Framing
    • Growth Chart Framing
    • Historical Document Framing
    • Letter / Postcard Framing
    • Map Framing
    • Menu Framing
  • We Frame FABRICS / CLOTH

    • Clothing Framing
    • Doily / Needlepoint Framing
    • Embroidery Framing
    • Flag / Pennant Framing
    • Jersey Framing
    • Ribbon / Tassel Framing
    • Rug Framing
    • Tapestry Framing
    • Tea Towel Framing

    • Achievement Memorabilia Framing
    • Event Memorabilia Framing
    • Movie Memorabilia Framing
    • Musical Instrument Framing
    • Sports Memorabilia Framing
    • Team Shirt Framing
    • Travel Memorabilia Framing
    • Vinyl Record Framing
    • Wedding Memorabilia Framing
  • We Frame OBJECTS (3D)

    • Badge / Medal Framing
    • Boat / Car Model Framing
    • Coasters Framing
    • Dried Flowers / Insects Framing
    • License Plate Framing
    • Magazine / Newspaper Framing
    • Playing Cards Framing
    • Puzzle Framing
    • Wine Bottle / Cork Framing
  • We Frame PHOTOS

    • Baby Photo Framing
    • Class Photo Framing
    • Event Photo Framing
    • Family Photo Framing
    • Graduation Photo Framing
    • School Photo Framing
    • Sports Event Photo Framing
    • Vacation Photo Framing
    • Wedding Photo Framing
  • We Frame POSTERS

    • Affirmation Poster Framing
    • Band Poster Framing
    • Educational Poster Framing
    • Event Poster Framing
    • Motivational Poster Framing
    • Movie Poster Framing
    • Music Poster Framing
    • Political Poster Framing
    • Travel Poster Framing
  • We Frame PRINTS

    • Animal / Farming Print Framing
    • Antique / Vintage Print Framing
    • Art Nouveau Print Framing
    • Canvas Art Print Framing
    • Fine Art Paper Print Framing
    • Landscape / Scenic Print Framing
    • Photographic Print Framing
    • Plant / Flower Print Framing
    • Screen Print Framing
  • Items For Sale
  • Available For Sale

  • In addition to custom framing, we also stock a selection of ready-made mirrors as well as some non-framed prints.

    We primarily stock prints about New Zealand by NZ artists. We have a great selection of prints with themes on farming, horses and NZ birds.

    You can browse a huge selection of prints online at the Image Vault. Purchase the print you want and bring it in to be framed. Alternatively, let us know which print you like and we'll get it and frame it for you.


    • CG = clear glass  |  NRG = non-reflective glass
    • Grey Power members: get 15% off your order.
  • Costs for PRINTS

    155 x 155
    (card size)
    300 x 300 $28
    500 x 500 $60
    1000 x 500 $100


  • Costs for FRAMING

    155 x 155 (CG) $20
    155 x 155 (NRG) $25
    300 x 300 (CG) $70
    300 x 300 (NRG) $100
    500 x 500 (CG) $180
    500 x 500 (NRG) $220
    1000 x 500 (CG) $200
    1000 x 500 (NRG) $260


  • About
  • About Cressy's Picture Framing

  • Kevin Cresswell Of Cressys Picture Framing In Blenheim, Marlborough

    Cressy's Picture Framing is locally owned and operated by Kevin Cresswell. He bought the business from his cousin who had been selling picture frames locally in Blenheim for over 20 years.

    Kevin has worked in the custom framing industry for over 15 years.

    He has travelled around NZ to various tradeshows selling readymade frames and pre-framed mirrors.

  • Business Hours

    Monday - Friday 8:30 am – 5 pm
    Saturday 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
    After hours By Appointment
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  • Testimonials
  • Customer Feedback

  • Your work is absolutely great. My print looks amazing. Nice frame work.


  • Thanks a million! The rimu framing looks great!


  • My mirror looks fantastic with that Rimu frame. Thank you very much.


  • The map board and the frame around my print look perfect. Thanks Kevin.


  • Thank you, Kevin, for a great looking frame work and I love your great prices.


  • Cressy's Picture Framing welcomes your feedback and encourage you to leave an honest review about your experience. To do so, you can Leave a Review on Facebook. However, if you have any issue with our services, please allow us the opportunity to resolve it BEFORE leaving negative feedback.